Utagawa Kuniyoshi - Japanese Artists

1797 - 1861

period: 1603-1867 Ukiyo-e (Edo Period)

Kuniyoshi was born in Edo in 1797, his father was a silk dyer and as a child Kuniyoshi would help him. Toyokuni, a friend of his father, accepted the young boy into his school in 1811 and, after completing his apprenticeship, his master gave him the artist’s name Kuniyoshi. Commissioned by a publisher in 1827 Kuniyoshi realized a large series of prints depicting the rebel warriors protagonists in the Chinese novel Suikoden. This series had great success, consecrating the artist as the most celebrated creator of warrior prints. Kuniyoshi designed also landscapes, theatrical prints, surimono and prints of beautiful women. He also collaborated with the colleagues Kunisada and Hiroshige

New acquisitions
 Sado And Tamba Provinces: Benkei And Yoshitsune And The Actor Ichikawa Danjuro Viii
Sado and Tamba Provinces: Benkei and Yoshitsune and the Actor Ichikawa Danjuro VIII
Spring Amusements At The Honourable Lower Palace
Spring amusements at the honourable Lower Palace
Yamamoto Kansuke Nyûdô Dôkisai
Yamamoto Kansuke Nyûdô Dôkisai
New acquisitions
Shoki-san, Quick Acting Medicine To Remove Evil Spirits
Shoki-San, quick acting medicine to remove evil spirits
Shijo-nawate With The Minato River In The Back Ground
Shijo-Nawate with the Minato river in the back ground
New acquisitions
Magoshirô Masatatsu Breaking A Fire-pot With A Long-handled Mallet
Magoshirô Masatatsu breaking a fire-pot with a long-handled mallet
Sasaki Saburô Moritsuna On A Rock And The Fisherman Tôdayû
Sasaki Saburô Moritsuna on a rock and the fisherman Tôdayû
Ushiwakamaru, With The Help Of The Tengu, Fights Benkei
Ushiwakamaru, with the help of the Tengu, fights Benkei
4,500 €
A Young Couple Sheltering Under An Umbrella
A young couple sheltering under an umbrella
New acquisitions
Sanuki Province:  Hatsuhana Under A Waterfall -  Iyo Province: Ichikawa Danjuro Viii As Minamoto No Yoshitsune Under Cherry Blossoms
Sanuki Province: Hatsuhana Under a waterfall - Iyo Province: Ichikawa Danjuro VIII as Minamoto No Yoshitsune under cherry blossoms
 Raikō And His Retainers Attacking The Drunken Monster Shuten-dōji On Mount Ōe
Raikō and his retainers attacking the drunken monster Shuten-Dōji on mount Ōe
Tametomo, Shipwrecked  By A Giant Fish, Is Rescued By Tengu
Tametomo, shipwrecked by a Giant Fish, is rescued by Tengu
New acquisitions
Provinces Of Hitachi And Shimosa : Asakura Togo And Ichikawa Kikujiro Ii
Provinces of Hitachi and Shimosa : Asakura Togo and Ichikawa Kikujiro II
Lamprery From Suwa In Shinano Province
Lamprery from Suwa in Shinano Province
Okute: The Old Woman Of The Lone House - Hitotsuya Roba
Okute: The Old Woman of the Lone House - Hitotsuya Roba
850 €
Three Bijin On The Engawa Of A House Overlooking A Water-garden With A Goldfish Pond
Three Bijin on the Engawa of a House overlooking a Water-garden with a Goldfish Pond
 Niekawa : Takenouchi No Sukune And Umashiuchi No Sukune
Niekawa : Takenouchi no Sukune and Umashiuchi no Sukune
1,250 €
Actor Ichikawa Danjȗro Viii As Heiji / Wang Xiang ô Shô
Actor Ichikawa Danjȗro VIII as Heiji / Wang Xiang ô Shô
950 €
New acquisitions
Ise Province: The Courtesan O-han On The Beach Opposite The Wedded Rocks At Ise (top)  -  Shima Province: The Actor Arashi Rikan Iii (bottom)
Ise Province: The Courtesan O-Han on the beach opposite the wedded rocks at Ise (Top) - Shima Province: The Actor Arashi Rikan III (Bottom)
Ju-unryū Kōsonshō Holding Up A Short Sword And Making A Magical Gesture With His Other Hand. A Dragon Surrounds The Rock On Which He Stands, C. 1827
Ju-unryū Kōsonshō Holding up a Short Sword and Making a Magical Gesture with his Other Hand. A Dragon Surrounds The Rock on Which He Stands, c. 1827
Price on request
Snow, Yuki
Snow, Yuki
Price on request
Kimpyōshi Yōrin After The Battle Of Kōtōshū, In A Straw Cloak On A Windy Day, Carrying A Barbed And Hooked Pole-arm C. 1827
Kimpyōshi Yōrin After the Battle of Kōtōshū, In a Straw Cloak on a Windy Day, Carrying a Barbed and Hooked Pole-Arm c. 1827
Price on request
Wind, Kaze
Wind, Kaze
Price on request
Modern Checkered Materials For Night Cooling Among The Flowers
Modern checkered materials for night cooling among the flowers
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New acquisitions
Provinces Of Kai And Izu: Takeda Shingen And The Actor Onoe Baiko
Provinces of Kai and Izu: Takeda Shingen and the actor Onoe Baiko
Shȏno: Sasaki Takatsuna Crossing The River Uji
Shȏno: Sasaki Takatsuna crossing the river Uji
New acquisitions
The Provinces Of Izumo And Uwamy
The provinces of Izumo and Uwamy
Gen Sarnmi Yorimasa, Attended By I No Hayata, Taking Aim At The Nue Above The Imperial Palace
Gen Sarnmi Yorimasa, attended by i No Hayata, taking aim at the Nue above the imperial palace
Satô Tadanobu Wearing Yoshitsune’s Armor Leaping Down On Yokogawa Kakuhan From The Snow-covered Roof Of The Yoshino Temple
Satô Tadanobu wearing Yoshitsune’s armor leaping down on Yokogawa Kakuhan from the snow-covered roof of the Yoshino temple
Baba Mino No Kami Nobufusa Tying His Sandalds, The Minato River In The Back Ground
Baba Mino No Kami Nobufusa tying his sandalds, the Minato river in the back ground
Kiyo-hime Turning Into A Dragon As She Lifts The Bell Of Dōjōji
Kiyo-Hime turning into a dragon as she lifts the bell of Dōjōji
 Narihara And Takako-hime Ran Away From Thyphoon, Pursued By Men With Tourches
Narihara and Takako-Hime ran away from thyphoon, pursued by men with tourches
Daruma On The Shelf Teaches Us The Signs Of Future Events
Daruma on the shelf teaches us the signs of future events
Obata Nyudo, Katsuchiyo Maru And Yamamoto Kansuke With Their Retainers Who Are Being Tossed In The Air By A Giant Wild Boar
Obata Nyudo, Katsuchiyo Maru and Yamamoto Kansuke with their retainers who are being tossed in the air by a giant wild boar