Kawase Hasui - Japanese Artists

1883 - 1957

period: 1915-2014 Shin Hanga

Kawase hasui(1883- 1947) was born at Shiba in Tokyo and was trained as an artist by Kaburagi Kiyokata. He started exhibiting his paintings in 1912 and for several years he designing woodblock designs for the woodblock publisher , Shozaburo Watanabe, and in his later years print designing occupied an important share of his work.

Moon Over The Ara River
Moon over the Ara river
1,100 €
Temple In Okayama ( Okayama No Kanetsukido)
Temple in Okayama ( Okayama no Kanetsukido)
1,200 €
Sakurada Gate (imperial Palace) - Sakuradamon
Sakurada Gate (Imperial Palace) - Sakuradamon
The Bay Of Shinagawa  - Shinagawa Oki
The Bay of Shinagawa - Shinagawa Oki
In The Snow, Nakayama - Schichiri Road, Hida
In the snow, Nakayama - Schichiri Road, Hida