Ohara Koson - Japanese Artists

1877 - 1945

period: 1868-1912 Meiji

Originally named Ohara Matao, the Japanese painter Ohara Koson studied painting and design in his native Kanazawa. He subsequently adopted the name Koson from his teacher Suzuki Kason. In the mid 1890s Koson moved to Tokyo, a city where Western influences were increasingly prevalent. He taught at the Tokyo School of Fine Arts, but was encouraged by Ernest Fenollosa to design woodblock prints. His subjects were invariably from nature. Koson changed his name after 1910 to Shoson, and later again to Hoson. Ohara Koson is considered by many to be the foremost 20th century designer of bird and flower prints, or kacho-e. His designs were produced in prolific numbers for a primarily Western market.

Rooster And Two Chiks Fighting For A Butterfly
Rooster and two chiks fighting for a butterfly
Monkey On A Branch
Monkey on a branch
750 €
Peafowl On Flowering Cheery-tree
Peafowl on flowering cheery-tree
Six Pigeons In Flight
Six Pigeons in flight
1,700 €
Reclining Tiger
Reclining tiger
Dragonfly And Lotus
Dragonfly and lotus
Two Cranes
Two cranes
Flying Bats And The Full Moon
Flying bats and the full moon