Utagawa Hiroshige - Japanese Artists

1797 - 1858

period: 1603-1867 Ukiyo-e (Edo Period)

Born in Edo in 1797, Hiroshige whilst still a teenager, was allowed to work in the studio of Utagawa Toyohiro, an artist with a preference for classical and landscape subjects. He studied also Nanga painting under the artist Ooka Umpo. In the 1812 he adopted the name Hiroshige. The first prints to be published under this name were images of beautiful women, a few surimono and landscapes in small format. In 1831 Hiroshige designed a successful series of Sights of Edo. In 1832 he accompanied the annual procession from Edo to the emperor in Kyoto along the Tokaido. During the journey, he sketched the scenes which he later put into the fifty-five prints which made up the celebrated series of views of the fifty-three post stations on the route. The series was revolutionary, the scenes had a naturalness and sense of immediacy that provoked instant popular appeal. This established Hiroshige as the painter of Tokaido scenes and, subsequently, he produced some thirty series on the same theme. Many highly successful landscape series would follow such as the Sixty-nine Stages on the Kiso Highway, the One Hundred Famous Views of Edo, the Thirty six Views of Mount Fuji. In his declining years, in addition to landscapes, he created an unique style in depicting birds and flowers.

New acquisitions
Minowa Kanasugi Mikawashima
Minowa Kanasugi Mikawashima
Warbler On A Red Plum Ranch
Warbler on a red plum ranch
1,550 €
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Inside Akiba Shrine, Ukeji
Inside Akiba Shrine, Ukeji
New acquisitions
Ushimachi In The Takanawa District
Ushimachi in the Takanawa district
Black Bream And Two Small Red Bream With Sansho, C. 1832-34
Black Bream and Two Small Red Bream with Sansho, C. 1832-34
The Sea Off The Miura Peninsula In Shȏshȗ Province Shȏshȗ Miura No Kaijo
The Sea off the Miura Peninsula in Shȏshȗ Province Shȏshȗ Miura No Kaijo
The Suruga District In The Eastern Capital Toto Surugacho
The Suruga District in the Eastern Capital Toto Surugacho
Sukiyagashi In The Eastern Capital,  Tȏto Sukiyagashi - 1858
Sukiyagashi in the Eastern Capital, Tȏto Sukiyagashi - 1858
Ryogoku In The Eastern Capital, Toto Ryogoku
Ryogoku in the Eastern Capital, Toto Ryogoku
The Tone River At Kônodai, Konodai Tonegawa
The Tone River at Kônodai, Konodai Tonegawa
The Tama River In Musashi,  Musashi Tamagawa
The Tama River in Musashi, Musashi Tamagawa
Noge And Yokohama, In Musashi Province Musashi Noge Yokohama
Noge and Yokohama, in Musashi Province Musashi Noge Yokohama
Fireworks Over Ryogoku Bridge
Fireworks over Ryogoku Bridge
Atagoshita And Yabu Lane
Atagoshita and Yabu Lane
Inasa Mountain At Nagasaki In Hizen Province
Inasa Mountain at Nagasaki in Hizen Province
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The Harbour Shrine And Inari Bridge At Teppozu
Fujisawa Station
Fujisawa station
950 €
The Suruga District In Edo
The Suruga District in Edo
1,750 €
 Mount Fuji Seen From Ryogoku In Edo
Mount Fuji seen from Ryogoku in Edo
New acquisitions
The River Tone  At Konodai
The River Tone at Konodai
Yoshiwara: Mount Fuji On The Left - Yoshiwara, Hidari Fuji
Yoshiwara: Mount Fuji on the left - Yoshiwara, hidari Fuji
Shima Province: Toba Harbour And Hiyori Hill
Shima Province: Toba Harbour and Hiyori Hill
Tile Kilns And The Hashiba Ferry On The Sumida River
Tile kilns and the Hashiba ferry on the Sumida river
Kuroto Bay In Kazusa  Kazusa Kuroto No Ura - 1858
Kuroto Bay in Kazusa Kazusa Kuroto No Ura - 1858
Plover In Moon Light - Chidori
Plover in moon light - Chidori
Misaka Pass In Kai Province, 4/1858                 Kai, Misaka-goe
Misaka Pass In Kai Province, 4/1858 Kai, Misaka-Goe
Ichikoku Bridge In The Eastern Capital - Toto Ichikobubashi
Ichikoku Bridge in the Eastern Capital - Toto Ichikobubashi
Shichirigahama Beach In Shôshû Province, Shôshû Shichirigahama - 1858
Shichirigahama beach in Shôshû province, Shôshû Shichirigahama - 1858
Shiojiri Pass In Shinano Province, Shinano Shiojiritoge
Shiojiri Pass in Shinano Province, Shinano Shiojiritoge