XX Century - 4 artists

Ansel Adams

San Francisco 1902 - Carmel 1984

National Park

Luigi Bartolini

Cupramontana 1892 - Roma 1963

Painter, printmaker, writer, poet and polemicist, Bartolini spent his youth in Rome, Siena and Florence, and completed his studies in 1910 at the Istituto di Belle Arti in Siena. As a printmaker, he made his first etchings around 1909 in Florence. During World War I, Bartolini fought as an officer at the Front. He resumed his artistic activity in 1919, establishing himself mainly as a printmaker. In 1932, along with Giorgio Morandi, he won a prize at the Mostra dell`Incisione Italiana in Florence and in 1935 obtained first prize for printmaking at the second Quadriennale at the Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Rome, where he exhibited 50 etchings. He again showed his prints at the Biennale in Venice, in 1942, at the Rassegna Internazionale in Lugano, in 1952, and at the Calcografia Nazionale in Rome, in 1962.

Fresh Water Fisherman Roman Warriors Jounquils

Wassily Kandinsky

Mosca 1866-Neully sur Siene 1944

Kleine Welten Iii, Small Worlds Iii

Marino Marini

Pistoia 1901 – Viareggio 1980

Personnages Du Sacre Du Printemps  V Equilibrium The Fury Of The Dance   Bunter Reiter Ii In Equilibrio