Oharame with a bundle of twigs
Oharame with a bundle of twigs
Japanese prints

Utagawa Sadakage

act. 1818 - 1844

Oharame with a bundle of twigs

Woodblock in colour
Shikishiban surimono, mm 205x177
Signed: Ojun Gototei
Toshidama seal

Edo period 1615-1868

Depicting a female brushwood gatherer pausing to smoke.

Fine impression with metalling printing, fine colour, very good condition. Printing creases.

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Comments on: Utagawa Sadakage

Kunisada’s pupil Sadakage made his living primarily as an book illustrator for noted writers such as Jippensha Ikku and Koigawa Harumachi. He also produced a number of deluxe surimono. For his surimono he worked almost exclusively with ‘bijin’ imagery, he seems to have worked almost exclusively for the ‘Oe-ren’, the poetry circle headed by Shakuyakutei. His family name was Kojima and he lived in Mejirodai.
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