Lamprery from suwa in shinano province
Lamprery from suwa in shinano province
Japanese prints

Utagawa Kuniyoshi

1797 - 1861

Lamprery from Suwa in Shinano Province - 1852

Woodblock print, nishiki-e
Signed: Ichiyūsai Kuniyoshi ga
Size: Ōban, 360 x 245 mm
Publisher: Eisendō Mitaya Kihachi
Series: The Trasures of Mountains and Laakes             
            Shankai medetai zue.
The series features half-length portraits of women of different classes and occupations, paired with inset pictures of well-known regional products
The series listed as number 117 in Kuniyoshi by Basil William Robinson (Victoria and Albert Museum, London, 1961).
The title of the cartouche design for the landscape is: Lamprery from Suwa in Shinano Province, (Shinshȗ Suwa yatsume unagi)
The landscape is by Tori-yo (Utagawa Yoshitori), Kuniyoshi’s oldest daughter..
Very fine impression, colour and condition, with elaborate embossing in the white collar of the kimono.

Comments on: Utagawa Kuniyoshi

Kuniyoshi was born in Edo in 1797, his father was a silk dyer and as a child Kuniyoshi would help him. Toyokuni, a friend of his father, accepted the young boy into his school in 1811 and, after completing his apprenticeship, his master gave him the artist’s name Kuniyoshi. Commissioned by a publisher in 1827 Kuniyoshi realized a large series of prints depicting the rebel warriors protagonists in the Chinese novel Suikoden. This series had great success, consecrating the artist as the most celebrated creator of warrior prints. Kuniyoshi designed also landscapes, theatrical prints, surimono and prints of beautiful women. He also collaborated with the colleagues Kunisada and Hiroshige
price: 2,400