Night landscape
Night landscape
Master prints

Luigi Conconi

Milano 1852 - 1917

Night landscape - ante 1902

Etching with monotypic effects on ‘Japon’ paper
mm 244 x 315, sheet mm 435 x 545
Signed in the platemark lower right, signature is obtained in the ink.
Unique state.
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Monteverdi, 1975, ill. 650; Minonzio 1976, p. 358, n. 47; Minonzio 1978, p. 16; Minonzio-Bapi1990, p. 20.
M. Bianchi-G.Ginex ‘Luigi Conconi incisore’, Arese, 1944, n. 48 Etching ‘ante 1902’; a very fi ne impression, richly and skillfully printed, working in the surface tone with monotypic effects, on thin japon paper, with large margins, in very fi ne, pristine, condition: notpressed, not washed.
The delicate passages of light are highlighted by the use of Japon paper.
Very rare.
The character of the building in the background on the right suggest the designs for Villa Pisani Dossi near Cernobbio. Conconi created the design and it was built by the architect Perone. The etching was made before 1902, the year in which it was exhibited in Milan (Milan, 1902, p. 39, n. 46).

Comments on: Luigi Conconi

Luigi Conconi was an architect, painter and illustrator. He studied architecture at the Accademia di Brera and at the Politecnico in Milan, and he used his architectural training occasionally throughout his career. Since his years at the Politecnico, he became acquainted with the literary and artistic circles of the Scapigliatura: Tranquillo Cremona and Daniele Ranzoni influenced his early activity. In the 1880’s Conconi moved from the realism of Scapigliatura toward Symbolism, developing an interest in visionary themes. He received international recognition by winning prizes in Paris in 1900 and in Munich in 1913. Conconi became a well know painter but also a skilful and sensitive printmaker, who revived the art of the etching in Lombardy, being the leading exponent of the ‘acquaforte monotipata’, an etching printed with a large amount of ink left on the plate, creating evocative effects. Conconi printed personally almost all his own plates.
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