Two lovers reading a book
Two lovers reading a book
Japanese prints

Keisai Eisen

1790 - 1848

Two lovers reading a book

Colour woodcut Size: Koban, mm 92 x 125 Date: circa 1820’s Series: ‘Junikumi no uchishirabe no ito’ ‘Strings of Melody: From a Set of Twelve’ Very nice impression, colour and condition.

Comments on: Keisai Eisen

Keisai Eisen was of samurai extraction, after the death of his parents he cultivated the passion for the Kabuki theatre, but his love was the world of art. He received his first training under a Kanō school painter; then he studied under Kikukawa Eizan. He became in 1810 c. a prolific illustrator of popular fiction and reached a reputation as a painter. He was well known for his portraits of Feminine Beauty and around 1820 c. for a number of elegant surimono. Eisen produced also handscroll paintings and erotica scenes as, for example the series Grass on the Way of Love. In the 1830 he worked on landscape prints and collaborated with Hiroshige on the famous series The Sixty-nine stations of the Kisokaido - Kisokaido rokujuku no uchi.
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