Rain at kawaguchi, 1850 c.
Rain at kawaguchi, 1850 c.
Japanese prints

Hasegawa Sadanobu

1809 - 1979

Rain at Kawaguchi, 1850 c.

Colour woodcut

Size: Chuban yoko – e, mm 175 x 250

Series: ‘Miyako meisho’
          ‘One Hundred Views of Osaka’

Signed: Sadanobu sha

Published by Wataki, late 1850’s – early 1860’s

Fine impression, colour and condition.

This landscape is undoubtedly one of the best design of the Series ‘A Mirror of One Hundred Views of Osaka-truthfully copied’, of which around 63 chuban design are known.

This View is inspired by the famous landscape: ‘Teppo Inaribashi Minato Jinja’ from the series ‘One Hundred Views of Edo’ by Hiroshige.

Through the masts of cargo vessels and heavy rain can be seen a guardhouse at the convergence of the Aji and Kizu Rivers. The outpost was torn down in 1864.


Another impression illustrated  in Dean J. Schwaab: ‘Osaka Prints’, London 1989, n. 297
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