Night rain at akasaka kiribatake, 4- 1859
Night rain at akasaka kiribatake, 4- 1859
Japanese prints

Ichiryusai Hiroshige II

Attivo 1829 - 1869

Night Rain at Akasaka Kiribatake, 4- 1859

Colour  woodcut
Signed ‘The second Hiroshige ga’.
Size: Oban  tate-e:  mm 360 x 243
Very good impression, colour and condition, minor marks in the large margins, with woodgrain in the sky and mica on the upper section of the sheet.
The Brooklyn  Museum of Art possess a set of the ‘One Hundred Famous Views of Edo’ , a gift  made in October 1930 by Miss Anna Ferris. The set was originally part of the Museum’s Art Reference Library and remained unknown until 1979 when it was transferred to the Prints Collection of the Department of Asian Art.
The set is a high-quality first edition and  includes all of the initial 118 prints in the series. In addition the Museum acquired as a gift in 1939 a copy of Hiroshige II’s ‘Night Rain at  Akasaka Kiribatake’ (Akasaka Kiribatake uchū yūkei), accession n. 16.523 . This print is dated 4-1859, seven months after Hiroshige’s death and it is considered  to be a replacement for design  52 ‘Akasaka Kiribatake’ by Hiroshige I from ‘The One Hundred Views of Edo’, published by Uoei between 1856 and 1859. A lovely design, superior to the substitute print.
Hiroshige II, was the foremost pupil of Hiroshige I. Formerly called Shigenobu, he assumed the name Hiroshige II on Hiroshige’s death and married his daughter.
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