Giuseppe Galli called Bibiena
Parma 1696 – Berlin 1757

Giuseppe Galli was the second son of Ferdinando. He travelled with is father to Barcelona for organized and decorate the wedding of Charles III.
With is father traveled to the courts of Charles VI the Holy Roman Emperor who hired Ferdinando to be the courts scenographer and painter.
There when his father left in 1717, he became the chief organizer of the courts festivities and official functions.
It was not until 1723 that Giuseppe was officially promoted to His Majesty’s First Theatrical Engineer until 1747.
Later Giuseppe became involved in all the decoration Hapsburg’s celebratory festivities.
With his younger brother Antonio, Giuseppe designed theater decorations and for festivities in Vienna and Prague.
Giuseppe in Vienna organized Maria Teresa wedding.
Frederick the Great of Prussia called Giuseppe in his Court in Berlin where spent the last years of his life.