The Noda Chidoro river in Mutsu<br>Motsu, Sono Go

Utagawa Sadakage
active 1818 - 1844
The Noda Chidoro river in Mutsu
Motsu, Sono Go
Woodblock print, nishiki-e
Shikishiban surimono, mm 198 x 183

Signed: Gototei and Toshidama seal
Dated: 1832, year of the dragon

Series: Six Jewel Rivers - Mu Tamagawa no uchi

An Ōharame sitting on a bundle of firewood and leaning against a basket. In the background, the river with rippling waves and plovers (chidori) flying above. The Noda River was celebrated in a poem by the priest Nōin (988-?) mentioning ‘the crying plovers in the evening when the salt wind gathers’.

At the left Poems by Shōyōtei Aoki e Chōnintei Motoyori.

Others impressions of the print are in Rijksprentenkabinet- Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, and in the Museum für Ostasiatische Kunst, Berlin.

Very fine impression, colour and condition. Slightly trimmed at the bottom.

Reference: Surimono: Poetry & Image in Japanese prints, Amsterdam, Hotei, 2000, p. 79, pl. 44; catalogue of the Collection of the Japanese Prints, Part IV, pag. 110, n. 194.