Rest on the flight into Egypt

Camillo Procaccini
Parma 1561 - Milano 1629
Rest on the flight into Egypt
c. 1587
177 x 260 mm

Bartsch I, only state; Bellini I/II

Signed in the plate: Procaccinis / F

William Sharp (mid 19h Century), Manchester (Lugt 2650); Thomas Thane (1782-
1846), London (Lugt 810and Lugt 2420); Christie’s Old Master Prints from Chatsworth
(5 December 1985, Lot 129).

A fine early impression of this rare print, printed with plate tone and wiping marks, with the platemark always visible.

In excellent condition.

This print his related to the altarpiece executed between 1587 and 1590 for the Milanese church of San Fedele, which today is preserved in the Borromeo Collection at the Isola Bella.

This impression is the one sold at the Chatsworth sale (Old Master Prints from Chatsworth, Christie 's London, December 1985, lot 129). For another fine impression see the Ambrosiana collection (Incs. 7725).

Procaccini was famous as a fresco painter, he decorated the churches of Northern Italy, Emilia and Switzerland. He produced only a few engravings, but of high quality and was a famous draftsman.

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