Tokiwa Gozen gives shelter to her three children

Utagawa Kuniyoshi
1797 - 1861
Tokiwa Gozen gives shelter to her three children
264 x 238 mm

Provenance: Hayashi Tadamasa Lugt 2971

Original drawing in sumi, on very thin paper as usual for the preparatory drawings.

This sketch has been used in one of the prints of the series The Sixty-nine Post Stations of the Kisokaidô Road (Kisokaidô rokujûku tsugi);
Robinson S74.52

Tokiwa Gozen (1138 – c. 1180) or Lady Tokiwa, was a Japanese noblewoman of the late Heian period. She was mother of the great samurai general Minamoto no Yoshitsune. Lady Tokiwa bore three sons to Minamoto no Yoshitomo, of which the youngest was Yoshitsune. Lady Tokiwa is primarily associated, in literature and art, with an incident in which she fled through the snow, protecting her three young sons within her robes, during the 1160 Heiji Rebellion.