The sudarium held by one Angel

Albrecht Dürer
Nuremberg 1471 -1528
The sudarium held by one Angel
Plate 187 x 135 mm, sheet 195 x 143 mm

signed with the monogram at the right and dated 1516

Bartsch 26, Meder Hollstein 27; Schoch Mende Scherbaum 82

Max Egon, Fürst zu Fürstenberg, Donaueschingen (1863-1941) (Lugt 2811); his sale, C. G. Boerner, Leipzig, 8-9 November 1932, lot 278 (ill. p. XI), described as Herrlicher frischer Abdruck voll Ton, vor den Rostflecken, mit 1/2 cm breitem Rand.
Albert W. Blum (1882-1952), Switzerland & Short Hills, New Jersey (Lugt 79b).

A very fine, early Meder Ia impression, before the rust marks and without any wear, on laid paper, with a tiny watermark fragment.

Printed with selectively wiped plate tone and long vertical wiping marks, with inky plate edges and a few spots of printer’s ink outside the platemark.

Small regular margins, in fine condition.

This superb and very atmospheric impression is comparable in quality with the Cracherode impression at the British Museum, although softer and warmer in character. The plate tone is equally rich, differently wiped. It shows the same light vertical polishing scratches, most noticeable on the cloud above the monograph at right. The British Museum also holds Dürer's preparatory drawing for this print in pen and brown ink.